Fan Chat

Everyone is welcome to the forums, this is where you can talk and ask questions about anything to do with the Jonas Brothers or about this site. There are two sections to this forum, one section is for you and everyone else on this site. You can write about the Jonas Brothers, any upcomming events or rumours you have heard.

The other section is for you and the staff here at Jonas Times, you can ask us questions here in the forum. These questions/suggestions/comments will appear public which means anyone can see them.


We hate to disappoint, however we want everyone to be happy and everyone to be able to come here and feel safe. And for that reason, there needs to be rules.

* No swearing, or offensive language.
* No hating, or harassing another person.
* Refrain from sharing any personal information.
* Do not impersonate anyone, do not say you are a Jonas Brother.
     --> the Jonas Brothers do not visit this forum.
* If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents permission.

-Thank You

Jonas Times on The Forum Boards

If the staff of Jonas Times have responded to your questions or are on the boards it will look like:


If it is spelt differently, has a space or any different characters it is not us. We are sorry, but we can not control people who try and pretend to be us.

-Thank You