Do you think Nick and Selena are dating? By the way Nick responded, I think he is.
Did you tune in for the LiveWebcasts? I did. What did you think of them?
Make sure to tune into Ellen February 3rd, 2010. Nick Jonas will be on it, he is only interviewed and will not be preforming. So don't be confuised or disappointed about that.
Sorry that I had to put our name on it, we took it, and for a few days we can't release the photo with out the tagging on it.

Anyways, how did you guys like Nick's live webcasts all day?
...and there are 2 mic's!
I was watching were you?
            Nick Jonas went down to the Santa Monica Pier this morning to play songs for the fans. He said he just wanted to spend his release day with his fans. There was about 75-100 people there. He played four songs with just him and Sunny. He answered questions from fans, and then took pictures with them.
Tune into NBC, at 8/7 c. Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2010.
Nick Jonas playing baseball in the street with brother Joe. Click on a photo above to expand.


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