Nick decided to invite 3 people on stage during 'Stronger' but things got out of control and a whole mob of people ran on stage! He kept singing and eventually escaped, but it was crazy. You couldn't even see him!

Below is another video of 'When Fans Attack'. However the video was taken by a fan who was on stage.
Catch me, Before The Storm and a NEW song from Camp Rock 2.
soon to be in stores! are you going to buy one?
What do you think of this video? What do you rate it - 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars?
As you ca see above, this is a Nick Jonas & The Administration t-shirt. Look closely, in the middle there is 'Toronto' on it. He must be comming to Toronto! The rumored date that he is preforming in Toronto is Febuary 3rd. Will you be there? I will!
Some fans were dissapointed in Nick Jonas for last nights preformance. The concert went well over all, however, in one of Nick's new songs, he says 'hell'. I don't think anything is wrong with that, Nick Jonas & The Administration arn't signed to Disney, even if they were it shouldn't be a big deal. It is also rumored that Nick Jonas was not wearing his purity ring last night, and many fans said they were shocked and confuised.

What do YOU think?
Last Night at Nick Jonas' first concert, Selena was there supporting him. She has been caught with Nick alot recently, do you think that they are just friends? or do you think Nelena is back?

Chelsea, Maya, and Danielle were also at the concert supporting Nick Jonas & The Administration.
Photo above: a fan took this photo last night at the Dallas concert, the second girl from the left if Selena Gomez.


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