Did you ever think to yourself: Joe Jonas bears an uncanny resemblance to Balthazar Getty?

No? Well, apparently, the producers over at Brothers & Sisters have, because, although there’s no official word yet from ABC, inside sources tell me Joe will be playing a younger version of Balthazar’s character, Tommy, in a two-episode flashback arc that focuses on the history of the Walker family.
          2twenty6ten, one thing it isn't is a movie that is going to the theatures. Because we would have seen commercials for it already. Also it probably isn't a DVD because most DVD's and CD's come out on a Tuesday. The 2.26.2010 is a Friday, when Living The Dream used to air, so is this the date when Living The Dream 2 airs...? Most likely. Either that or an announcement of some sort.
Tune into NBC, at 8/7 c. Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2010.
Have you seen the new video called 2twenty6ten? If you haven't the video is below.
There are alot of rumours going aroung because of this video. Some one created it, some people think it was a Jonas Brother or someone linked to them, while others think its just a fan causing drama. Who ever it is, is making alot of rumours fly. The video was posted on youtube, from an account that was created just to post this video. There was a link in the description to the twitter account: http://twitter.com/2twenty6ten .

Some of the rumours this video has created are:

* a new tour announcement
* a new 3D movie
* more living the dream episodes
* a live chat
* new CD
* major contests

... but whatever it is, it will most likely be happening on Feb. 26th, 2010. What will it be? anything or nothing? I guess we will have to wait. Just remember, NOTHING has been confirmed about this by the Jonas Brothers ... yet!
Comment with your ideas about this video! I want to hear what you think about this one.
Danielle Jonas, leaves the LAX Airport alone. Photo's below.
Nick Jonas playing baseball in the street with brother Joe. Click on a photo above to expand.
            The Jonas Brothers showed up at the Grammy's looking great, as they always do. What do you think of their outfits for this special event? Did you like Joe's Glasses?

BELOW: Is a video of the boys, at the Grammys, on stage.
Girls screamed loudly while Nick tried to play his special song for Kevin & Danielle Jonas in Berkeley. Nick brought a little diabetic girl named Stacy on stage and girls screamed. Video under.
Video under of Nick talking about the signs.


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